Honoring our seniors: Jayla Lowery


My favorite memory is definitely all of the intense Happy Birthday videos we played for everyone. It was one of the many, many times we all laughed together and made the start to my day humorous and fun.

I am going to Loyola Marymount University and am studying special education and screenwriting.

  • “She’s so inspiring in both her words and actions! Jayla’s an incredibly smart and well-versed person. She can simultaneously write fantastic articles about music and thorough, enlightening articles on serious modern issues. Talking to her is always a great way to get ideas for an article.” -Rosa Madden
  • “Your sense of humor made Journalism so much fun to be in everyday and I always looked forward to coming to class.”- Michael Lang
  • “Jayla is so creative and hardworking, and I’m beyond grateful to have had a class with her. She’s always there to help anyone who needs it, and I loved having Journalism with her!” -Scout Jacobs
  • “Jayla is so sweet and creative. She brings new ideas to the class and inspires everyone to be the best version of theirselves while in journalism.” -Annie Landgraf
  • “UGH! I love Jayla so much! Such a sweet gril. Loved doing the decades project with her and getting to know her. PS she gives th best hugs.” -Gwynne Olson
  • “I’ve had the best time sitting next to Jayla this year! I’ll never forget the Nerds slushie and her amazing outfits!” – Virginia Larner
  • “A total people-person, Jayla always made things feel comfortable and chill, even when I felt overwhelmed.” -Steele Clevenger