Honoring our seniors: James Martini


James will study Game Design at NYU next year and his favorite memory from Journalism this year was looking through the archives and finding the wildest articles from the paper in the ’80s.

  • “Very skilled with the work you do for this class and I often referred to the outlines of your articles and podcasts as a reference to work up to.”–Michael Lang
  • “Besides just being an amazing journalist who always put a lot of time and work into his articles, James is an overall compassionate and sweet person. He was always willing to listen to whatever opinions, stories, or whatever else you had. He made journalism such a fun and homey environment.”–Jayla Lowery
  • “James! The most enthusiastic guy! Brings so much comedy and creativity to class. So happy I met him.” –Gwynne Olson
  • “James is such a fun and sweet person in class. He always brings such a fun vibe to class and is willing to talk to anyone. I will miss him so much next year.” –Annie Landgraf
  • “So creative and curious, James always had an idea in his head. He was easygoing, funny, an intuitive writer, and fun to work with.” –Steele Clevenger
  • “James is so easy to talk to and always has great ideas. He is so helpful with photoshop and indesign and I’ll always remember his outfits!” –Virginia Larner
  • “James is an absolute boss when it comes to anything computer/technology/Photoshop related. His sarcastic comments and political takes always made me laugh a lot.”–Shawna Muckle