Honoring our seniors: Tristan Robbins

Tristan will be attending Oregon State University. His favorite memories from journalism was getting closer to my fellow students and the staff through interviews.
  • “Tristan wrote great articles about issues and topics relevant to students today. He could always bring new perspectives and ideas to discussions, able to engage in any conversation.”–James Martini
  • “Very funny and engaging to talk to during class.”–Michael Lang
  • “Tristan made journalism so much fun and hilarious. He always knew what to say to make someone laugh and made journalism class so much more funny and exciting.” –Jayla Lowery
  • “Tristan always had the funniest stuff on his computer. Brought comedy to class.”–Gwynne Olson
  • “Tristan is such a nice and kind soul. He is always willing to help and bring new ideas into class everyday.”–Annie Landgraf
  • “Tristan was amusing, relaxed, and somewhat of an enigma. He was a very cool guy to work with.”–Steele Clevenger