Honoring our seniors: Shawna Muckle


Shawna served for three years on the staff of Jesuit Chronicle. She served as a writer, page editor, and Chief Editor during her time on the newspaper. She had multiple articles honored as Best of SNO and wrote about topics ranging from race relations to politics. She will attend Washington and Lee University in the fall where she will be majoring in journalism. Her favorite memory was making a podcast about the Portland Boat Show.

  • “Shawna is an inspiring writer and a great person to work with!” -Rosa Madden
  • “Shawna was never afraid to put her voice and thoughts out into the community and to the world. She is a
    fearless journalist and dedicated to her craft. She still manages to be humble and kind despite her incredible
    journalistic skills and I can’t wait to see where she goes!” -Jayla Lowery
  • “Shawna is such an amazing journalist and very smart. She always helps anyone who is struggling and is
    there for you.” -Annie Landgraf
  • “Shawna is definitely the best writer I met in high school. She consistently made enlightening, valuable
    articles about serious issues both in the Jesuit community and the world and the entire Journalism class
    could always rely on her for good input on articles. She could consistently make the Chronicle a source of
    discussion in the broader Jesuit community.” -James Martini
  • “Focused, overachieving, super smart. First time I met Shawna, I thought, that’s the journalist I want to
    embody.” -Steele Clevenger
  • “The high level work you put into this class and your overall level of writing truly stood out in every
    newspaper published this year.” -Michael Lang
  • “Shawna always inspired me to be a better writer. Such a chill girl and will miss seeing her sprint past me in
    valley everyday” -Gwynne Olson
  • “Shawna is such an amazing writer and always has the best ideas. My favorite memory with her is Fall
    Press Day and ending up in the wrong sessions!” -Virginia Larner