JHS Fall Rebuild

Fall sports were postponed due to Covid-19. Many students have been affected by the
pandemics effect on fall sports. Athletic Director Mr Hughes spoke about what JHS will do for
the fall Sports.
“You won’t have to wear masks if you are playing a sport where you are at least six feet
apart,” Hughes said. “ If you are playing a sport that has any type of contact you will be forced to
wear a mask at all times.”
Mr Hughes spoke about how the extended season made it very difficult for schedules
around the Metro League. For many sports, playoffs and a chance for a state championship were
canceled. For cross country there is still a chance that they will compete for a state
Other sports teams like soccer, football, baseball, volleyball and lacrosse will have a
celebration week. The celebration week will be a form of a bowl game or special event.
Hughes talked about how funding the sports will fluctuate with precautions and
equipment. He said that the school saved lots of money when they canceled sports, refs, and
busses. He said the expensive part will be the amount of equipment needed for sanitization and
transportation. Jesuit will have to buy twice the amount of busses to take people to away games.
Mr Hughes said that this transition has been hard for some coaches because one, they had
to switch schedules with other sports and two, they couldn’t do what they loved to do at that
Lastly Hughes said that it might be hard for students who play multiple sports at one
Junior Tatum Lewis spoke about having a short amount of time to transition from
football to Lacrosse.
“ It sucks that football was pushed to the spring because it’s going to be hard for me to
switch from football right to lacrosse.”
Junior Chris Freeman spoke about how he was excited for the start of football practice.
“ I am very happy with the coaches being able to do some type of practice for us.” Chris
said “ I think it will really help the team bond and have great chemistry.”

Women’s soccer practice