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  • September 22Virtual Spirit Week: Tuesday: Hat Day; Wednesday: Class Colors; Thursday: Jersey Day; Friday: Dress Up Day
  • August 24School year starts 9/1 online
  • May 5ASB Election Results: Jack Ensminger president. ASB Cabinet is Quinn Barrett, Parfait Ananouko, Damon Grim, and Krish Aditya
Bennett Raymond
Bennett Raymond

I am very interested in writing about upcoming events or sports. I am a huge fan of sports and I have always loved talking about them. I also enjoy new and interesting events because they can bring lots of attention to the news. There are many hobbies that I do outside of school. I play football, basketball, and swim. I have the most fun in these activities because one, they are very fun and intermixing and two, they are things that I can do and I feel no stress. My favorite sports teams are the Seattle Seahawks for NFL, the Oregon Ducks for college, and the Portland Trailblazers for the NBA. I also enjoy playing video games with my buddies. Since we have been in quarantine for so long video games have really been the main source of connection with my buddies. I will also from time to time cook. I find peace in cooking just like how some people find peace in art. I watched Gordon Ramseys master class where he teaches people how to cook great food. I love going on exotic vacations with my family because then I can truly experience what the outside world is really like. That is what I love to do right now. 

Bennett Raymond, Staff Writer

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Bennett Raymond