The Corona life


Chris Freeman working on his piano skills while being at home.

Covid-19 has affected us all deeply, some with great pain but for others there have been a few silver linings junior, Chris Freeman. He spoke about how the pandemic made some of his
daily activities harder. Chris talked about how working out has become quite difficult. He would
usually lift right after school in the weight room but the pandemic made him have to figure out a
workout at home. Luckily, his dad had bought a nice weight set for Chris right before the
pandemic. He has been using it ever since.
Besides lifting Freeman spoke about the new hobbies he had picked up during the
pandemic. “ When I was little I used to play the piano but I didn’t enjoy it that much,” Chris
said. “ My family has had a piano in our house for a long time now, and I have been sitting down
and playing it for fun.”
Chris talked about online school and how that has changed what a normal pre Covid-19
day would look like. Chris felt like school for him was more organized and structured. He
thought that teachers did a great job adjusting their classes and he is very thankful for that. He
said that everyone needs to just be flexible with the system.
Chris touched on the extra time he has spent with his family while being stuck at home.
He said that usually his family doesn’t eat dinner together, but due to the pandemic everyone has
had a little extra time.
Freshman at St Mary’s and sister of Chris, Molly Freeman spoke about connecting with
her brother during the pandemic.
“ Me and my brother never do anything together, but since Corona we have been
watching many TV series,” Molly said. “ I never receive that quality time with my brother.”
Chris talked about how he feels like he has connected on a deeper level with his parents
as well. He explained that his family is often quite distant from each other, maybe because
everybody is busy. The pandemic has bonded them together in a way that Chris thought would
never happen.
Mother of Chris, Nancy Freeman spoke about how the family has strengthened from the
“I believe that our family has benefited from the pandemic because we are all more
positive on different levels,” Nancy said. “ We also learned to explore more daily activities than
the ones we are used to.”
Overall Chris said that he has benefited from the pandemic. He discovered his talents in
different things that he would not have tried if the pandemic didn’t force him to. He spoke about how he has had so much free time to really focus on the things that he loves and to throw out any
things that hurt his mental, physical, and emotional health.