Online Homework

Pre-Covid-19, students were going to school participating in outdoor school activities and
having minimal amounts of homework after school. Is this still what’s happening at Jesuit?
Students have been noticing an increase in homework due to the fact that school days are at
home. The reasoning behind this may be to the teachers but students are eager to speak up.
Junior Harrison Mcquire spoke about his homework load in class.

“ I like and hate my homework load,” Mcquire said. “It’s nice that I can get it done faster
at home, but I also struggle at times when my teachers over assign homework.”

Homework should be an easy extra piece of work that students can do to make sure
they learned the information from that day. At what point does homework become too much.
Students have about 6-7 classes and each class shouldn’t have more than 20 minutes of
homework besides tests and quizzes.

Junior Johnny Miller explained his thought process on online class and homework.

“I understand online class and that it goes for most of the day,” Miller said. “But i feel like
the teachers should stick to what they would do on a normal pre Covid 19 school day because it
is stressing students out.”

Assignments can become difficult, especially if people have in-home distractions. When
students have to go to online class from 8-2:45, it can become pretty difficult to keep working on
assignments right after school.

Lastly junior Nick Borlet spoke about the possible study period that Jesuit was thinking
about having pre-Covid-19.

“ I remember hearing that on Tuesdays or Wednesdays we would have a period where
we could see teachers for help at school,” Borlet said. “ I think that since we aren’t in normal
class that would be a good idea to add in possibly for some weeks in homeroom.”

Borlet added that it could possibly help students understand class so they don’t become
overwhelmed by the homework load.

Overall, schools should try to be the same as it was so if the school is going to do
around the same school hours, homework should be around the same weight.