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Adriana Bobenrieth

A student explores the elective options on her forecasting page.

Forecasting Advice for Rising Seniors (Current Juniors)

It’s going to be all anyone talks about for months, but think about college, seniors. More specifically, think about college applications, and the considerable amount of your time they will consume this year. They will probably take more time than you think, so account for that in your class schedule. Remember also that you will most likely be more involved with your extracurriculars than ever, assuming leadership positions and further exploring your passions, so DO NOT OVERLOAD YOUR SCHEDULE—this is true of every year but especially senior year.

For some extra free time to devote to college applications, schoolwork, or possibly even sleep (definitely sought after this year), consider taking a prep period. Or, use your electives to continue an existing interest, fulfill final graduation requirements, or try something new—yes, even senior year is a great time to branch out and take an exciting new class (like media studies!).

When deciding what classes you want to take, senior Lucie Vu suggests talking to other students about your schedule.

“I think the best thing to do is just talk to your classmates because then you can get a real idea of what the class will be like,” Vu said.

Senior year, you will have the most freedom yet, with English and history electives. However, when choosing between these classes, think about how much writing you will be doing between college applications, English papers, and other electives; balance your schedule accordingly.

Your senior year is your last year at home, so time is important. Make sure you make time for family and friends in between taking an appropriately challenging courseload and preparing fro college. You probably won’t have enough time senior year, so make sure to reflect the people, activities, and classes that are most important to you in your forecasting decisions. You’ve got this, seniors!

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