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OPINION: It’s time to fix our lunch card system

Magda Blubaugh
The Jesuit lunch card system is outdated and inefficient, argues Ashley Heger.

Students stand in lunch lines at Jesuit for almost ten minutes. They wait in long lines, hungry, waiting for their turn. They almost get to the front, when a group of students cut in front of them, making their wait time even longer.

The problem: the punch card lunch card system is outdated and time consuming. They cause lunch lines to take up an excessive amount of time, time that should be spent hanging out with friends, eating, going to the bathroom, or even studying and finishing homework.

It’s time for Jesuit to implement an online lunch system.

There are so many online lunch softwares, such as EZ School Apps, Vanco Payments, and LunchTime software, all with great reviews and affordable prices. Investing in one of these systems will make lunch at Jesuit way more convenient.

Officials at Jesuit even agree, like the head of the lunch program, Ms. Clauson.

“The current system is archaic. It’s out of date,” said Clauson.

Currently, Jesuit has a punch card system where students buy a punch card and use the points on it to buy food. However, because they’re teens, students can lose these cards and waste the money used to buy the punch cards. Also, when the lunch card is getting low on points, the lunch workers have to take time to calculate how many points the meal is and what combination of points to use. This leads to longer wait times and, in my personal experience, potential total miscalculations.

An online system would eradicate these issues. Time spent in line would also be cut down because the lunch workers would just have to swipe the card instead of calculating the total and then punching the appropriate amount.

Additionally, Jesuit would benefit if each student’s account was linked to their student ID. Many students don’t keep their student ID on their person, leading to problems regarding identification. Having the lunch account attached to the student ID would make students more inclined to keep it on their person.

One downside of an online lunch card system is it will cost more than the punch card system we currently have. However, relative to 1,300 students using this program, it’s worth it. Jesuit constantly raises funds for other school-related programs. So getting this lunch card system would be no different while also being beneficial to all students and staff at Jesuit.

The business office, with the current systems of students paying using cash or check to buy a lunch card, has to transfer the cash or check earnings into an online account. An online system would mean the money students pay for lunch would already be in an online account, making it easier to access the money for the lunch program.

An online system would greatly benefit lunch time at Jesuit by helping to shorten lines and leaving more time to be productive. It’s time to step into the 21st century.

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About the Contributors
Ashley Heger
Ashley Heger, Staff Writer
Ashley Heger is a sophomore at Jesuit. She’s been described as kind, hardworking, and diligent. She’s interested in sports broadcasting and was a part of JCTV last year and is looking forward to continuing it this year. Her brother, Jacob, has inspired her to be involved in Jesuit Media, as he was when he attended Jesuit. Ashley is excited to learn more about filming and editing videos. She prefers to be behind the scenes but wants to grow this year and take on some on screen roles, such as interviewing and announcing. Growing up, she played soccer and basketball but now she is more interested in running, playing tennis for fun, and watching sports. Ashley especially loves watching football with her family and is an avid supporter of the Kansas City Chiefs, being she was born in Kansas City. She misses the snow, sledding, and delicious barbecue, but is glad to get away from the humidity. She enjoys hanging out with friends, reading, baking, and traveling. Ashley loves going to Hawaii and to the Midwest, where most of her family lives. She loves to spend her time hiking in nature and at the Oregon Coast.
Magda Blubaugh
Magda Blubaugh, Staff Writer
Magda Blubaugh is a junior on the 2023-2024 Jesuit media team. Despite being born in Oregon, she spent her formative years growing up in the heart of Chicago. Living in Chicago, she was constantly surrounded by all types of media. Due to this exposure, Magda has sparked an interest in Media. She has been a member of the Jesuit Yearbook staff for the past two years, and plans on taking her writings skills and creativity from this class to the media team. She is interested in all things media, whether it’s a social media post or journalism, she loves it all. When’s she not at Jesuit, you can find Magda laughing with her friends, drinking Starbucks, hanging out with her family, and if there’s a concert in town, you can be sure she’s there. It’s Magdas dream to make a career out of her love of media. She is super excited about learning more about her school and exploring different types of media this year!