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Prima Ballerina on campus

Oregon Chinese Coallition
Alicata dances for the Jade Dance team, a student founded team that focuses on performance of Chinese dance.



Most high-schoolers are still deciding what’s next for them, but senior Sopha Alicata is already a Prima Ballerina.

Alicata started dancing at 7 seven years old, after becoming enamored with a taping of The Nutcracker.

As being the only dancer in her family line, she has proven her talents in dancing by joining the Oregon International Ballet Academy as a professional dancer. As the first and only dancer in her family, Alicata has fought hard to prove her talent, practicing five hours every weekday, and eight on weekends.

Alicata emphasized how the nuances of Ballet set it apart from other forms of dance; “Ballet is way more technically strict than contemporary (dance), because classical moves have been set in stone, and ballet is known for its rigorous technique and ethereal quality.”

Certainly, that technical precision is represented in the rigorous requirements of rising in dance. In fact, at 17 it isn’t yet legal for Alicata to be recognized as a Prima Ballerina, but still, her dance company has been preparing her for the role for years.

She continued, “there’s also a focus on narrative storytelling through dramatic and complex choreography.”

Some of the story-telling skills acquired from ballet have transferred to Alicata’s 2-Dimensional art works, which has been nationally recognized for its merit and creative direction. However, because ballet rehearsals and competitions consume so much personal time, art has become a secondary pursuit.

Despite mountain- high expectations, Alicata still looks forward to her team’s 3 school wide competitions in winter, spring, and summer. Once she graduates from the dance academy, Alicata will receive cash compensation for her efforts on major stages.

Next, Alicata is set to perform with the Oregon International Ballet Academy in a production of The Nutcracker on November 18th and 19th in the Patricia Reser Center for the Arts.

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Alice Radford-Brown, News Editor
Alice Radford- Brown is a curious, skeptical self- starter embarking on her first year in Jesuit Advanced Media Production. She was born in Amsterdam and moved to San Francisco in 2009. Alice now lives in NE Portland with her father, mother, brother, and two precious guinea pigs, Darcy and Beatrice. Growing up with British parents largely shaped her writing style, which is distinctively influenced by Bronte’s eerie moors, and The Cure’s contemplative resentment of gloomy English weather. Her past experience includes involvement in Jesuit’s technical theater program, feverish writing with her mother, and late nights trying to master the B chord on her beloved ¾ Washburn guitar. She is also the leader and founder of the Music Analysis Club. As a senior, she is excited to delve as deeply as possible into work with Jesuit Media, before leaving high school to pursue a career in some form of storytelling. This year, Alice will be heading up Jesuit’s electrifying music podcast, The Sader Sound, with Ana Casado-Rodriguez, as well as writing for the Jesuit Chronicle. She hopes to engage the community in uncomfortable conversations, and share unadulterated, passionate discussions with Jesuit’s own musicians on the Sader Sound.