The Unforgettable Class of 2020

The class of 2020’s legacy, by students and admin.


The Class of 2020 might have had their senior year cut short, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t made an impact.

2020 marks the year for a lot of big changes and big firsts. In the middle of a pandemic, seniors in high school and secondary schools across the world found their very last year in high school cut short. But even with the sudden end to their high school careers, Jesuit seniors and the teachers that taught them won’t soon forget the many memories, ups and downs, failures and successes over the last four years.

Here’s what those very people had to say about the legacy of Jesuit’s class of 2020.

The Class of 2020 in One Word.

CompetitiveClaudia Poteet

Intelligent Parthav Easwar

Mojo Jonathan Ulrich

Crazy Ana Pacheco

UndefeatedChris Beardall

Unpredictable Molly Piszczek

Formidable Lizzie Dronkers

Awesome Vinh Pham

LoudKyra Lang

ResilientRia Debnath

CompassionateClaire Langley

TalentedIsabella Perscecetti

EnergeticAlyssa Knudsen

CommunityJack Kelley

ResilientHannah Stream

Family Courtney Pedersen

ResilientConner Langely

Exceptional Helen Ratcliff

ExceptionalHelen Ratcliff

UnforgettableGrace Hershey

EntertainingElla Nelson

StrongJaden D’Abreo

Favorite Memory from Jesuit.

Claudia Poteet

Saying hi to everyone in the halls even when you’re not super close to them.

Ana Pacheco

Pilgrimage campfire.

Jaedina Bayking

Pilgrimage and swaying at mass

Chris Beardall

Walking at the Pilgrimage, at the very end of it, where we all walked with our arms around each other’s shoulders

Lizzie Dronkers

Walking the last mile of the pilgrimage. 

Vinh Pham


Kyra Lang

Walking the last mile of the pilgrimage.

Ria Debnath

Twilight parade – a valiant effort to bring some cheerfulness to pretty bleak times

Courtney Pederson


Sudeeksha Yadav


Claire Langely

“Got my Mojo working“

Alyssa Knudsen

Senior pilgrimage!

Jack Kelley

NME 18 and 19 as a leader.

Hannah Stream

Mass at the pilgrimage.

Molly Morris

Screaming at everyone in a tent at five in the morning to find my socks for me.

Helen Ratcliff


Grace Hershey

Off campus lunch with my friends.

Helen Rocker

Prep period.

Ella Howe

Going on and leading OWE.

Sammy Goodman

Getting ready for dances with my friends


Parthav Easwar

Quarantine, lanyards, and how much smarter we were compared to all the other classes.

Ana Pacheco

No graduation.

Chris Beardall

Although we weren’t perfect we are all that we had.

Lizzie Dronkers


Kyra Lang

How strong and loud we were.

Ria Debnath

We didn’t have first semester final freshman year or second semester final senior year.

Courtney Pederson

Our spirit and willingness to bring change.

Sudeeksha Yadav

Honestly they’ll remember the two canceled finals.

Conner Langely

Having our first and last finals cancelled.

Alyssa Knudsen

Our unity and resilience.

Hannah Stream

The car parade.

Helen Rocker

Our athletic and academic achievements.

Grace Hershey

Cancelled finals freshman and senior year.

Sammy Goodman

Quarantine, no graduation, no prom.

Jaden D’Abreo

Exceptional athletics.

The Class of 2020, by admin.

What legacy do you think the class of 2020 will have on Jesuit?

Paul Hogan

Perseverance, tenacity, love, care for one another. To be honest, I think the longest-lasting

legacy will likely be the recent Instagram descriptions of the experiences of our young women of color. Those have been a heart-wrenching wake up call. I hope we can do much better in the future.

Khalid Maxie

Unfortunately, I believe the narrative about the class of 2020 will be overshadowed by all things COVID-19. Hopefully, the aforementioned things will shine brighter through the collective the impact 2020 graduates will have on institutions and individuals.

Ken Potter

The legacy of the class of 2020 was their ability in the face of adversity to show the strength and unity that goes way beyond the walls of Jesuit High School. When digital learning took place, when all co-curricular activities were cancelled, the class of 2020 showed the determination and strength to carry on and make the best of an unknown situation. The love they have for one another and the integrity they show in finishing what they started is what makes the class of 2020 special. I will forever be grateful for the lessons they have taught me and how they continue to show the true spirit of Jesuit High School.