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Cleeland nearly quit basketball, now he’s contributing to a 6A playoff run

Lauren Butorac
Treynor Cleeland has seen an uncommon rise from almost not playing basketball to starting the season on JV and most recently scoring 10 points in the first round of OSAA 6A playoffs.

Junior Treynor Cleeland put up 10 points in the first game of the playoffs against South Eugene. Although this stat line might not be shocking for most starters, Cleeland started the season on JV.

Cleeland’s playoff moment came on Tuesday, February 27, when the Jesuit Crusaders (8) took on the South Eugene Axes (25) in the first round of the OSAA playoffs.

Cleeland was the third highest scorer during the first game of the playoffs and contributed to the team with his defense, and 5 rebounds.

“I was super rusty at the start of the JV season and lost a touch and feel for the game,” Cleeland said. “But after the first four or five games on JV, the game started to come back to me bit by bit and Coach Potter was able to recognize that part.”

As the starting quarterback for the Varsity football team, Treynor was not feeling one hundred percent going into the start of basketball tryouts.

“I actually went to the first day of tryouts and decided not to play from how my body felt from football season.”

Cleeland said all he needed was extra motivation from his friends and family and that would push him to play again. Junior and captain Patrick Kilfoil was one of the key motivators that helped Cleeland get back on the court.

“Trey has been asked to step up and that’s exactly what he has done and is doing,” Kilfoil said. “He’s a dawg and he does the little things on the court that transfer to big wins.”

Kilfoil is a huge leader on the varsity team and pushes the whole team to be their best. Cleeland looked up to those leaders on his team when he was first getting back into the swing of things.

During the first round game, Cleeland helped the Crusaders get the first round victory 73-50. Although he isn’t thought of as one of the most prominent scorers, he’s a playmaker when it comes to creating opportunities for the other players to score.

“Personally I wouldn’t say that I am a key contributor to the varsity team yet. I just play my hardest coming off the bench so that I can do my job and help the team get the win,” Cleeland said. “And the first round playoff game, it felt like my feel for the game was back.”

Cleeland and the Crusaders take on #9 South Medford at home on Friday March 1st. This game the Crusaders will need to rely on players like Treynor to create plays to get around the size of the South Medford team.

If they win this game, they advance to the next round of the playoffs which will be played at the Chiles Center.

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Gigi Abernethy
Gigi Abernethy, Video Producer and Editor
Gigi Abernethy is a hardworking and diligent junior at Jesuit High School and is excited to learn new things in Advanced Media Production. This is Gigi's first year in media class and is thrilled to use her new skills throughout her other classes at Jesuit. Other than media, she took art during her sophomore year at Jesuit and also throughout her middle school years. Gigi has seen all different types of media throughout her life living in Oregon. She was ultimately inspired to take media from her aunt, who is the head of the NBC sports network in Washington DC, where she covers all the local sports in the area. Gigi is interested in filming sports videos and learning how to edit and use the camera. Gigi hopes to pursue sports media while she is in college and to expand her knowledge of the media community in her future. When she is not in school or helping out with media class Gigi participates on the varsity lacrosse team at Jesuit and also the cross country team in the fall. Outside of Jesuit she enjoys spending time with friends and family and playing tennis, soccer, pickleball and surfing in the ocean.
Lauren Butorac
Lauren Butorac, Video Producer and Editor
Lauren Butorac is a junior in the class of 2025 at Jesuit High School. Returning from fundamentals of media production, Lauren hopes to take what she learned last year and apply it to produce even better things this year. Post high school she hopes to take these skills learned in media production to go beyond Jesuit and potentially go to a J School to continue in journalism or other forms of media. With her parents both being civil engineers, Lauren hopes to take a different path and go into something more creative like marketing or broadcasting. She is highly interested in writing topics on sports, world issues, and economical and political news. Lauren, being a part of the women's soccer team at Jesuit, hopes to write specifically about Jesuit sports and clubs to inform the Jesuit community about competitions, club meetings and much more. Lauren is very excited to participate in interviews as another source, to make her articles more in depth and get first hand experience on what she is writing. As well Lauren hopes to take her skills from fundamentals of media to create more mic’d ups and highlight reels. Lauren’s passion for sports comes from her competitive nature and love for sports, specifically soccer. She plays on Jesuit’s Varsity Soccer team as well as Northwest Elite’s ECNL team.