Addressing Prom Rumors: true or false


Bradley Pisney

Prom Attire

Girls Can’t Wear Heels

True: Girls are not allowed to wear high-heels on Cronin field but are allowed to wear wedges.


Open-toed Shoes are Allowed



Food is free

True: The food carts are pre-paid, so students will not have to pay for the food.


Dancing will be 6-feet-apart

True: Students must remain six-feet-apart at all times and must wear a mask.


Late Arrival after 8pm will be denied

True: Students should arrive at their purchased time. Students will not be allowed to enter after 8pm.


You need a QR Code in order to enter

True: After purchasing your ticket, you will receive an email with a QR that will be scanned so you can enter.


Jesuit will call you parents if you do not show up to Prom

True: If you purchase a ticket, you confirm that you are attending Prom. If you do not show up, Jesuit will call your parents.


Party bus/limo will be denied

True: If you show up in a party bus or limo, you will not be allowed into the event. 


Tickets won’t be sold at the door

True: Students must purchase their tickets by 5pm Thursday, May 13.


COVID-19 testing is required 

True: All students attending Prom must either have supplied documentation to [email protected] demonstrating that they are fully vaccinated, or have taken a recent rapid antigen test on or after Wednesday, May 12. Jesuit is offering testing on campus Wednesday, May 12 and Friday, May 14.


450 tickets have been sold.


Source: Dr. Exley