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JJ Gray

JJ Gray is a junior and this will be his second year in  journalism student, he is excited to be in the class and have a great time. In JJ’s free time he reads about sports and listens to many different sports podcasts and radio shows. JJ loves listening to the Ringer Podcast Network every night. He also enjoys talking about and debating sports topics with his family and friends. JJ plays football and he skis at Jesuit high school. JJ is also very into the sneaker and shoe world. He loves to hike and be in the outdoors in his free time. JJ has a cat named Kendrick Lamar and a dog named Reggie and he loves to play with them. JJ has an older sister who graduated from high school last year and was in the journalism class at Jesuit. One of JJ’s favorite things to do is travel, his favorite place he ever visited is Amsterdam. JJ loves to read, write and listen to podcasts because they help him take his mind off other things.

JJ Gray, Staff Writer

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JJ Gray