Jesuit Art IV Class to host virtual art show


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From left: seniors Jamie Turner, Adele Jawed, Ella Jewell, and Nathan Hasbrook add to Jewell’s art project, which will be on display at the Art IV Art Show.

The Art IV class is hosting an art show via Zoom on May 25 from 7 pm to 8 pm. All are welcome to attend. 

In past years, the Art IV art show has been an in-person celebration of the accomplishments of the student artists, complete with live music, face-painting, food, and interactive art installations.

Instead of celebrating in-person, Art IV students will each have the opportunity to present one piece of their artwork to a virtual audience, as student leaders answer questions in the chat. Each student will have their own Padlet Art Gallery to showcase work from their years in the Jesuit Art Program.

When COVID-19 was not an issue, students were able to sell some of their artwork with half their profits donated to the Arrupe Fund and the Children’s Cancer Association.

This year, however, students will not be selling any artwork.

“We hope to return to the tradition of selling prints next year,” Art IV teacher Sascha Manning said.


Senior Art IV Student Abigail Rawlinson will be showcasing this linoleum block print, “Wanderlust,” on her personalized Padlet at the Art Show.
(Abigail Rawlinson )


Senior Art IV student Miyako Barnett will be showcasing this acrylic piece on her personalized Padlet at the Art IV Art Show.
(Miyako Barnett)