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SPECIAL FOCUS: Artificial Creativity workshop challenges “art” notion


In our ongoing series about the impact of AI at Jesuit High School, Jesuit Media writers are focusing on the many ways it affects a Jesuit education.

On Wednesday March 13th, junior Tara Chilkunda presented a workshop on Artificial Creativity & Intelligence to provide more information on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and get students to start thinking about the limitations and impacts it has on our lives.

Starting off, Chilkunda presented a Kahoot! and different activities for students to get an introduction to what AI is and what it can create. Some of the activities included having students decide what art picture is AI generated or the original and talking in small groups about when AI could be ethical to use.

“My goal was to make the presentation more interactive, so the students get more out of it, because for me personally, when I’m just listening to someone talk for 45 minutes, I tend to zone out. But if there’s activities that get me involved within the presentation, then I tend to learn more and get more out of it,” Chilkunda said.

Senior Elliot Parelius shared what he learned from the workshop.

“I learned that there’s a dilemma in ownership when it comes to AI and people exploring its limits which introduces whether AI should take the credit for work that we ask it to create.”

Chilkunda also presented a slideshow to help students understand 3 big issues that AI has started to create: lack of transparency, embedded bias, and privacy concerns. With those problems, she showcased the importance of realizing the limitations AI has and in some cases how it brings in room for discrimination and prejudice.

Chilkunda discussed why she took on this workshop and why she thought it was important to share with others.

“I just chose this workshop to learn more about Al in general. I didn’t know much about it going in but it is being used a lot here in school and around me in general. So I thought I should know more about it so I just took this as an opportunity to learn”.

As the class was full of students listening to Chilkunda inform about AI, freshman Anna Zupan explained why she wanted to be a part of the workshop.

“I chose this workshop because I wanted to learn more about how to make art and what its creativity capabilities are”.

As Chilkunda finished up her workshop, she wanted Jesuit students to look towards the future and have more knowledge about AI.

“Al is definitely a helpful tool, but there are definitely some concerns we should have as we use it. Make sure to verify what you did or researched before just submitting it and fact check it because it can’t be fully trustworthy. AI is still training and learning just like we are so it’s important to understand its limitations”.

If you are interested in learning more about Artificial Intelligence, check out classes like computer science and try out internships to explore more information about AI and its impact.

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Addy Azavedo, Staff Writer
Addy Azavedo is a determined and hard-working junior who attends Jesuit High School. Through seeing media in everyday life, she has become interested in the intricate inner workings of media creation. As this is Addy’s first year in the world of media, she is eager to learn more about camera production and design. Addy is primarily interested in writing about topics in sports and analyzing matches that are competitive and high-intensity. She finds announcing and commentating intriguing which she hopes to explore throughout this year. In Addy’s free time she loves to hang out with friends, spend time with family, bake, and pursue volleyball. Her favorite class at Jesuit is any math course as it challenges her to think critically. If she isn’t learning more about media or focusing on academics, you may find her on a court or a beach playing volleyball. Throughout the year, Addy loves to volunteer with a local organization called Play.Fit.Fun whose goal is to provide an opportunity for children to stay active and have fun. Addy is very excited to start learning more about media production and take her knowledge into the world. She hopes to create meaningful stories that other students will find inspiring and useful.