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Mr. Hirose left impact after student teaching

Ms. Holman

Mr. Matthew Hirose has been a student teacher to math teacher and swim coach Ms. Sarah Hollman since the fall, and said goodbye to Jesuit on April 26th.

Born and raised in Hawaii, Hirose made the move to Portland where he was welcomed with open arms. He is one of 7 siblings and got the opportunity to visit Oregon because his brother attended college here. After one trip, he pictured himself living along the west coast because of the closeness to home and welcoming environment. He is now an undergrad senior at University of Portland.

Hirose has had his heart set on being a teacher since the 8th grade. The student teacher explains his love for helping others learn.

“My teacher used to make me tutor other kids in the class and I really liked it; I love the school environment and setting, and math was my favorite,” Hirose said.

Attending the school of education at UP, he requested to be placed at a private Catholic high school through the program, which led him to Jesuit. As he attended public school as a kid, Hirose wanted to gain experience in a private school setting to continue teaching in Catholic schools in a program called Pacific Alliance Catholic Education (PACE).

When he’s not in the classroom, you can catch Hirose on the volleyball court. He is the president of UPs men’s club volleyball and claims to be a “baddie” when it comes to competing.

“Volleyball is a big part of me and basically my whole life.”

Hirose also loves to cook– mostly to feed his friends. Asian and Hawaiian foods are his specialties, and sharing food is a way to connect with those he cares about.

Mr. Hirose has learned a lot from his time at Jesuit High School and has made meaningful connections with his students and colleagues.

“I definitely feel like both a student and a teacher because I definitely learn something from Ms. Holman every day… but I also get to teach you guys something every day,” Hirose said.

His teaching tactics and exciting classroom has been enjoyed by many students.

Junior Lindsey LaChance is in his 7th period Algebra II.

“He adds so much energy and positivity to the class and really lifts everyone up with his funny personality,” LaChance said.

Junior Clara Conrad, reflecting on a time when she entered his classroom, said he always seemed excited to teach and help students.

“He always made me smile no matter how bad of a mood I am in.”

“I was excited for class and he made math actually enjoyable. I could always expect a good time,” another junior in his class, Brady Bayne said.

Senior, Mary Jane Holman, said “My favorite memory with Mr Hirose was when he always laughed at my jokes and played along with what I had to say.”

“I’m sad he’s leaving but I know he’s going to make such a great teacher one day,” Kate Koleno said.

Mr. Hirose has gifted his students and other faculty members with a positive mindset and a big heart. Although he is a student teacher, the Jesuit community is very sad, hopeful, and excited to watch him achieve goals and become a full time high school teacher.

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