Library and lanyards: things have changed



Library and lanyards: things have changed

By Rosa Madden

Changes regarding lanyards and the use of the library during lunch seek to create a safer and more productive environment for all students and staff.

Nathan Gilwert ’20 reads the new library rules

Courtesy of Jesuit Photography

Jesuit students were required to wear their lanyards everyday through the 2018-19 school year. The administration’s goal was to enforce security on campus as well as easily identify Jesuit students. 

“It was really for identifying our students, there have been times where a former student was on campus and not everybody knows that they’re no longer a student. It’s an opportunity to say: these are our students, these are our guests, visitors, etc.” Vice Principal of Academics and Student Life Ms. Hagelgans said. 

However, this new policy frustrated many students, who felt burdened with the daily task of remembering to bring their lanyard to school. Students began to acquire more JUGs due to forgetting their lanyard. 

The Jesuit administration recognized the inefficiency of this new requirement. Many students saw this too, and they thought the task of remembering their lanyards everyday overshadowed the increased security on campus. 

“I don’t think they were effective, because they just caused too much trouble than they were worth,” junior Lane Laurent said. 

The administration, tired of the unnecessary, sometimes negative, interactions with students regarding lanyards, ultimately decided to cut this policy completely. 

“Students would receive a jug, and do things they wouldn’t normally do, like [claim] it’s in their bag, or they’d have one of their friend’s lanyards. It created things where now students are dishonest for just not bring an ID, and it [just] created more issues,” Vice Principal of Academics and Student Life Mr. Maxie explained. 

The rules didn’t only change around lanyards, but the library rules were also changed. Last year, the rules around when students had access to the library changed multiple times, and the librarians and administration finally settled on one policy this year. 

Students are free to use the library during lunchtime on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. On Tuesday and Thursday, the library will be closed for the entire lunch period. The days students aren’t allowed to come in to the library allows teachers with a 4th period to fully utilize the library without having students from lunch interfere with their lessons. 

“We hope that this model will be helpful for the classroom teacher as well as students at lunch time,” librarian Mr. Lum said.