The Best Seat in the House

The Couch with its first winners at the Homecoming Football game.

Courtesy of Student Government

The Couch with its first winners at the Homecoming Football game.

Friday Night Lights just got better. On September 29th, Student Government introduced a new addition to Jesuit sporting events: The Couch.

The Couch will sit along the sidelines and three students, by entering a free raffle, will have the opportunity to enjoy the game on a comfortably decorated seat with free food and drinks.

Ms. Blumhardt, Activities Director, speaks on this new addition and how it came to fruition.

“The Couch was an idea sparked at a [Student Government] retreat as a way to get folks to come to sporting events,” said Ms. Blumhardt. “Our goal is how we can get Jesuit students to attend all events.”

The reassurance and excitement of the faculty—as well as former Jesuit teacher Ms. Gray’s donation of the couch—helped make it a reality.

“We have the great support of Mr. Hughes in athletics to really give it life and try to gain traction with it and use it as a piece where people say ‘Oh, The Couch is going to be there, let’s go,’” said Ms. Blumhardt.

With The Couch’s debut at the Homecoming Football Game being a success, Student Government hopes that it can make an appearance at not just sporting events but at theater events, Coffee House, DEI Potlucks, and much more.

Senior Charlie Riddle, one of first winners of The Couch, shared his experience.

“I loved how they gave us free pizza and soda,” said Charlie. “It was cool because the game was right in front of you and it was fun to be with my friends on the field.”

With this new centerpiece, Student Government hopes to begin a new Jesuit tradition centered around school spirit and community.

“It’s a new thing that the Jesuit community can get excited about and it brings us together as we cheer on our fellow Saders,” senior student government member Catie Dice said.