Soccer Team Manager Lucie Rokos Shines Offsides


Brian Murphy

Senior Lucie Rokos has the responsibility of managing the women’s soccer team after having stopped playing on the team due to an injury.

People may hear a lot about the Jesuit Women’s Varsity Soccer team and their countless wins in state over the last few years, but many overlook the managers’ impacts on the field. 

Senior Lucie Rokos, currently out for the season due to injury, went from starting on varsity the last three years to making an impact on the field through a different role this year: managing.

“She’s having a big influence as a team manager, which must be hard for her because she obviously really wants to play, but she’s doing a fabulous job as a team manager,” coach Steve Fennah said.

As a key player and leader on the Jesuit team, Rokos recently committed to play soccer at the University of Montana, a division one college in the Big Sky Conference. 

Over the past four years at Jesuit, Rokos gained some vital advice from head coach Fennah, which has elevated her game.

“Mr. Fennah has always told me if I make a mistake, just let it go and not let it dwell in my mind, so I can focus on the present game,” Rokos said. “I had a really hard time with that my freshman year and I dwelt a lot on my mistakes, but it helped me work through that and it made me a better player overall.”

From winning state her freshman year to bringing the energy from the sidelines this year, Rokos has made many memories over the past four years.

“Singing Halo in the locker room,” Rokos said. “That’s always been one of my favorite moments with the team, for the past four years. It’s a really fun experience to be with them. It’s just a really good feeling that I get.”

Rokos has always been a natural leader for this team, and her leadership and work ethic on and off the field do not go unnoticed.

“Lucie has always been one of the strong players on the team. Not just in play, but in her personality that she brings to be a leader within the group. So she’s greatly missed this year,” Fennah said.

In her role as team manager, Lucie is tasked with helping set up agility drills and being a leader. Rokos has attended every practice and every game, showing her commitment to the team even when she isn’t on the field.

“As a team manager I keep all the equipment ready for practice and games as well as set up equipment for practice,” Rokos said. 

Rokos is one of the team’s biggest supporters after game days, she lost her voice from screaming so loud. 

“I also cheer really loud for the team during games and do a couple other random tasks,” Rokos said.

Rokos is excited to see the season play out and continue to make an impact throughout the playoffs and the rest of the season.