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TEACHER Q&A: Ms. Hambley, new AP Psych and Health Teacher

Finley Clark
Mrs. Hambley is the new health and AP psychology teacher. This will be her 13th year in teaching after previously working at Central Catholic.

New to the Jesuit teaching community this year, Ms. Kayla Hambley is taking over AP Psychology classes, as well as teaching health.

Before coming to Jesuit, she taught 11 years at Central Catholic, including 1 year of student teaching. During her time at Central Catholic, Hambley taught sports medicine and nutrition, girls strength and fitness, health, and psychology.

Alongside her teaching curriculum Hambley is the JV volleyball coach. She is honored to have the opportunity to work alongside coach Zimmerlee, especially since Zimerlee was her volleyball coach when she attended Jesuit from 2003-2007.

Since studying psychology in college, Hambley has been fascinated by the subject.

“I’m so glad that Jesuit has [an AP psychology course] because students get to learn about why they think, feel, and act the way they do,” Hambley said.

One aspect of Hambley’s teaching style which she prides herself on is that she incorporates life skills, nutrition, and the importance of mental health into her curriculum.

Something few people know about Hambley is that her father is previous Athletic Director and now Associate Campus Minister Mike Hughes.

If Hambley could give one piece of advice, it would be that taking care of one’s mental health and practicing self care is not selfish.

Full Interview Transcript (Lightly Edited for Clarity):

How long have you been in teaching?

This is my 13th year. I student taught in 2011 at Central Catholic and then was hired the next year, so officially I started in 2012.

Where have you taught prior to Jesuit?

I taught at Central Catholic for 12 years.

What classes are you teaching this year?

I am teaching two sections of AP Psych. I also have three sections of sophomore health over in the new Valley Plaza classrooms.

What excites you about teaching at Jesuit?

I love when students get to learn about the brain. I think that’s so cool. I didn’t know anything about psychology till college. I fell in love with the subject, and I’m so glad that Jesuit has a psychology course now because students get to learn about why they think, feel and act the way that they do. That’s such an important developmental milestone. That is what keeps me coming back. I love students getting to know more about themselves and how they can improve.

What is something that the Jesuit community should know about you?

I love neuroscience. I am a mom. My dad was Mr. Hughes and not a lot of people know that. I love helping students learn about themselves. That’s what I love about teaching. If any student is curious about the brain, mental health, nutrition, any life skills like that, that’s the reason I love mentoring and coaching in that realm.
I played volleyball. Zimmerlee is the only coach Jesuit has ever had for volleyball. She started coaching when we went co-ed 30 years ago. I played for her and then coached against her at Central for the last few years. I came over here and now I’m the JV coach and it’s awesome. Getting to coach with Zim has been a really big blessing and really fun to be able to learn from her.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

Taking care of your mental health, and practicing self care is not selfish. It’s actually how we’re able to thrive, love and be present for others. It’s having to take care of ourselves first and I think it’s not selfish to do so.

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