Two Prom Gnomes Hidden Around Campus


Courtesy of Student Government

One of the gnomes that is hidden around the school. Returning it to room 32 earns the finder a free ticket to prom.

Two gnomes have been hidden in various locations around the school this week. Finding one equals getting a free prom ticket. Ms. Blumhardt, an instructor for Student Government, says that the intention is to help create a fun environment around prom.

“We’ve hid the gnomes in the past. It’s just a fun way to do a little scavenger hunt at Jesuit. It[the hunt] helps students to get familiar with campus,” Blumhardt said.

Once found, the gnomes will not be hidden again, so there are only three prom tickets available.

The student who finds a gnome should go to room 32 to get their prom ticket.

“Once a student comes in, they’ll meet with me [and] I’ll have my laptop pulled up to purchase their online ticket, or if a student has already purchased a ticket, they show me proof of purchase and then we just give them 10 bucks,” Blumhardt said.

As of writing, none of the two gnomes have been found.