Honoring our seniors: Jack Kelley


Jack served for two years with Jesuit Chronicle, starting as a writer and developing as an editor. He served as Associate Chief Editor during his senior year. In the fall, he will be attending Brown University. His favorite memories from journalism are the “late nights”.

  • Jack’s sarcasm and wit always make me laugh. Just all around good vibes. Thanks for letting me awkwardly tag along with you and Nathan to Kaylee’s orchestra concert! –Shawna Muckle
  • Jack is such a hard worker and cares so much about journalism and his work. It was always so awesome to see how much he cared about the stories he was writing and how hard he worked to make sure they were well-informed and high quality. I really liked having class with such a hard-working, funny and kind person. –Jayla Lowery
  • Jack is always so nice and writes the greatest stories! I’ll always remember working with him at late night and his playlists. –Virginia Larner
  • Jack was a really fun presence in Journalism this year. He was always willing to help out and did a great job of keeping the classroom upbeat and cheerful, while still writing great articles about local and greater issues. –James Martini
  • Jack is such a hard worker, and he made Journalism super fun! –Scout Jacobs
  • Very easy to work and talk with this year in class and you have a great sense of humor. –Micheal Lang
  • Jack was the most chill and committed journalist. He never complained, was dedicated to the program, and was always willing to help. –Steele Clevenger