RECAP: Students Versus Staff Basketball Game


Ryan Sena

Students and staff look to tip off the annual basketball game. The faculty won.

The annual student vs teacher basketball game is officially over, and it did not disappoint. Every year, members of faculty and the students play a game of basketball during flex. 

What’s on the line? The winner gets bragging rights, of course, and everyone brings their best performance. 

This year, the teachers pulled away with the win, 31-28. 

One of the biggest factors to the teacher’s win was Mr. Griffin’s performance. From the start of the game he gave it his all, finding open players, and making  shots. 

“So Mr. Griffin was just lighting it up outdoors. Yeah, he was a beast,” Mr. Soule said. 

Basketball is a game of opportunities and the teachers were able to capitalize on many opportunities, especially fast break layups. 

“Everybody’s focused on the ball. And then there’d be a guy wide open behind it,” Soule shared. 

Although the students did not come away with the win, it was still a fun experience for them. 

“The game was a really fun experience. Even though we did not get the outcome we were hoping for, we still played very well and had a good time,” senior Lemuel Tekeste said. 

What makes the game very fun is that the kids played at flex in front of most of the school. Student’s cheer for their friends and favorite faculty members. The players feed off of the crowd’s energy. 

“Hitting a three in front of my friends was very fun. Seeing them all stand up and get excited for me was awesome,” Tekeste said.

The game is not only a great opportunity for students to play basketball, but also for students to take a break from school work to watch. The fans really brought the energy and excitement this year. 

“It was a very nice break from school. It was nice to just be able to sit with my friends and watch the game,” senior Cade Collins said.