OPB Investigative Journalist Visits Jesuit for SJW


Jesuit Media

Anthony Schick presented his workshop on investigative journalism in the CLARC on Tuesday, March 14 as part of Social Justice Week.

OPB journalist Anthony Schick visited Jesuit on Tuesday, March 14 to present a Social Justice Week workshop on the craft of investigative journalism. 

Schick has covered environmental and Pacific Northwest news since 2013. He is also a member of Jesuit’s class of 2006. 

During his workshop, Schick outlined the qualities of investigative journalism, and how it differs from what people typically perceive news broadcasting as. Additionally, he emphasized the amount of research, interviews, time, and energy that goes into investigating a topic.

Schick’s work primarily focuses on climate and social justice. He credits Jesuit’s Peace & Justice course for igniting his interest on these topics.

“We learned about liberation theology and the importance of social justice in that class,” Schick said. “It made me want to work toward something that mattered.”

This mindset is also what persuaded him to focus on investigative journalism.

“Each story is like a mystery I’m trying to solve,” Schick said. “I started in sports journalism, and investigative work just feels so much more fulfilling.”

Schick advises aspiring journalists to practice consistency. 

“Future journalists should work on constantly developing an investigative mindset,” Schick said. “It is also crucial to read a wide variety of news and write a lot, even if you fail.”