Why is Among Us so Popular?

Among Us Cover Art

Among Us Cover Art

Among Us is a 3-year old mobile and computer game that has grown massively popular in the past few months. Inner Sloth game studio created the game and released it in 2018. When among us originally came out it had very few downloads, but at this moment it has 217 million downloads per screen rant. 

This game has grown so much because it is free on your mobile device and only 5 dollars on a computer. 

    You can play with 6 to 10 people, 1 to 2 people are the imposters. The imposters try to kill all the crew mates descritely.  The other players are the crew mates. Crew mates have tasks to do, like fixing wires, fixing lights and many more. If they finish all of their tasks, they win. 

    There are three different maps that you can play in: The Skeld(spaceship), Polus (outpost) and Mira (headquarters). Each map has specific tasks and places the imposters can sabotage. 

    “My favorite map is the Skeld map because it is a spaceship, and it has cameras where you can watch players,” junior Luke McDonald said.

    Once a crew member finds a body or has a suspicion about who the imposter is they can call a meeting and have a conversation with the players to figure out who to vote out. The imposters try to convince the other players it is not them. 

    “It is super fun to try to convince your friends that you didn’t do it” junior Gavin Conrad said.

    In Among Us, you can pick your name and what color your avatar is. You can also wear funky hats and different outfits. For Junior Brook Rundle outfits are his favorite part of the game. 

    “It’s super cool how you can personalize your outfits and be different from everyone else. I wear the purple color with a top hat.” junior Brook Rundle said

    Many young kids are inspired by older famous gamers like Ninja and Myth. Ninja, Myth and many other popular gamers who stream and make YouTube videos have been playing this game. These Celebrities playing this game influence the younger generation who look up to them.