Student Spotlight: Catie Dice


Jesuit offers countless ways to get involved- just ask junior Catie Dice.

Well known for her enthusiasm and hard work, Dice is on the cross country and track team, and is a member of student government and mock trial. She is also the co-founder and co-leader of the Jesuit against Gun Violence Club.

She has been running for Jesuit since her freshman year, and started her club, joined mock trial, and became a part of student government during her sophomore year.

“I had more opportunities and time to get involved due to classes being online”, Dice said.

In all of these communities, Dice says her philosophy is to “lead by example, even if I don’t have an official leader position. I like to collaborate with my peers and I see everyone as equal and I hope they see me the same way. I just love working with others and just doing my best in everything, setting a good example, and communicating.”

Junior Sydney Kim has been working alongside Dice in student government. The two have planned events and worked on various projects together.

“Catie is a really fun person to work with. She consistently brings the energy and keeps us grounded throughout all different types of situations,” Kim said.

Dice also serves as a leader and inspiration to many of her peers and classmates. Juniors Quinn Burke and Mia Henninger reflected on Dice’s role in their class and other communities.

“Her loyalty as a friend and dedication to bettering the Jesuit community, whether through her work on student government or Jesuit against Gun Violence Club among many other things, is so inspiring to me. I strive to do things with as much passion and care as she does”, Burke said.

“Catie is so inspiring with how she is so involved with keeping Jesuit’s spirit alive and is a great person to turn to when you’re having a bad day,” Henninger said.

As far as Dice’s plans for the future go, she’s optimistic about her path but is committed to focusing on the present.

“My goals are just to find peace with myself and feel really content with all the effort that I give to things. Really feeling fulfilled with everything I do and being proud of myself. I’m excited for the future but I’m happy with the present and excited to continue on the path that I’m on,” Dice said.

Catie highlights that the confidence and opportunities she’s already noticed has been a result of being an upperclassman this year.

“I also am learning I can utilize different aspects of my personality for different things. I’ve found that recently, now that I’m an upperclassman, I’ve been able to be more myself at school and take advantage of things I haven’t done before,” Dice said.

A challenge Dice and most high school students go through is the problem of finding balance between school, extracurriculars, and personal life.

“Trusting myself can sometimes be a challenge, and learning how to say no to things in order to prioritize my well being. I’m such a goer, I’m such a doer, I always like to be involved in as many things as I can. It can be difficult, but it’s so worth it because I love to do all of the things that I do. But, it’s important to find a lot of balance in your life and take time for yourself,” Dice said.

Dice is a role model for Jesuit students and an incredible embodiment of the Jesuit mission. Look out for her leading Fun Patrol at a football game, racing with her team to victory, or competing with the mock trial team. For questions or interest in her club, email [email protected].