Hogan leaving Jesuit : Staff and Student Perspectives


Principal Hogan speaks to the student body at the opening assembly.

Jesuit High School announced on Tuesday that at the end of the 2021-22 school year, Paul Hogan will be stepping down as school principal.

Principal Hogan has been in education for 35 years and his mark on Jesuit has been distinct. From teaching English, Journalism, and starting the Mock Trial program to initiating dual credit courses, helping grow coffee houses and brown bags, and building relationships with Catholic and Jesuit schools all throughout Portland, Hogan unquestionably has been a huge influence on Jesuit. 

“He’s been either the academic vice-principal or the principal for 25 years so his mark on Jesuit as far as a leader has been here for quite a long time. He’s got a lot of history and a lot of perspective,” Theology teacher Greg Allen said. His moving on is going to cause a little bit of a vacuum but also an opportunity for new leadership to come in, whoever the school decides upon. In one sense, we’re losing a valued perspective, but in the other sense it opens the door for a new perspective as well.”

Mr. Hogan has left a deep impression on the Jesuit High School community. Through his 27 years at the school, he has made many strong relationships, and every day he proves his dedication to the school even when not many people see it. 

“The thing that will stand out to me the most about Mr. Hogan is just how much he remembers and cares about us. When I was talking to him he knew what college my brother was going to and all my siblings’ names and it really showed me how much he cares about each individual student,” said senior Kevin Curran.

Mr. Hogan is beginning a new chapter in his life and his character and involvement in keeping the Jesuit tradition alive will continue its momentum through the work of the school’s devoted faculty and student body. 

[Mr. Hogan] genuinely appreciates the creations and activities of our students–he delights in student writing, and enjoys watching our students at their games, concerts, mock trial cases, and drama productions,” said Erin DeKlotz, Admissions director at Jesuit High School.  “Probably most impressive:  I have witnessed Mr. Hogan put everything else aside to listen to a hurting student or to support a family through a crisis…My office is right next to Mr. Hogan’s–so you know how it feels when your next door neighbor moves away?”

As Mrs. DeKlotz noted, Mr. Hogan was like a good neighbor to all and individuals interviewed for this story wished him the very best as he continues on his journey in life.